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sorryHello and welcome back. It’s Wednesday again and I am your host for today’s blog, Russ Whitney.  Every Wednesday I take over blog writing duties from my staff so that I can connect with readers of my book Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose & Passion and also flex my writing muscles.

Friends, when I was growing up my stepmother was, how shall I say it, not a very nice person. Actually she was just awful.  But, there were many times as a young boy and then adolescent that, even after all the abuse, I was still hoping she would finally, one day, tell me that she was sorry for what she had done to me

She never did, and I never forgave her for it, even though I wanted to.

The truth is, what she did was reprehensible and I hated her for years because of it.  That hatred changed the person I was, and the result wasn’t good.

But we humans, we have this special power, the power of forgiveness.  If my stepmother would have stopped and simply asked me for my forgiveness, I would have forgiven her because that’s what humans (usually) do.

Again, she never did ask and I never did forgive her, but you can be sure that today, if I myself make a mistake, hurt someone or somehow do something that causes someone pain, I tell them I’m sorry as quickly and profusely as I can.

The power behind asking for forgiveness is incredibly strong. A relationship that might seem completely dead and ready to be buried can be rejuvenated with just these 2 simple words; I’m sorry.

Admitting that you were wrong, and asking for forgiveness, shows people that you really do care, and that you take their feelings into consideration above your own feelings of shame or embarrassment. That’s powerful, and powerfully healing.

If you’ve hurt someone, and you don’t know what to do to rectify the situation, the power of a sincere apology might be all you need to make things right.  I know, because I do it all the time.

I’m Russ Whitney for Inner Voice.  Have a wonderful day.

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