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responsibilityHello friends and welcome to another Wednesday blog hosted by yours truly, Russ Whitney. I really like this blog because it lets me not only pass along some things to my readers about the Inner Voice and how to make conscious contact with it, but also lets me talk about some of the ways that I have changed too because of the Inner Voice principles.

As many of you who have read Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose and Passion already know, I was the child of a very damaged family unit. My step-mother was very abusive and, as a child and then an adolescent, my self-esteem was pretty screwed up.

That led me into trouble and, before I even reached the age of 20, I found myself behind bars and my life a big mess.

Now, the thing about going to jail that I’ve seen is that it really opens your eyes and, when I was released, I knew I had a choice to make; keep going with my criminal ways and let the damage my step-mother had done to me ruin my life, or accept responsibility for the wrongs I had done and change my life for the better.

That also meant letting go of the pain, shame and anger that I still had in my heart and, honestly, it wasn’t an easy thing to do. The scars that I had on my body and on my psyche were deep and didn’t go away overnight.

Once I accepted the fact that I was the only person responsible for my own life however, and that I was not responsible for the horrible way my step-mother had treated me (she was living in her own hell, after all) I was able to move on with confidence and start the real estate business that eventually made me a multi-millionaire.

The message today my friends is simply this; you and only you are responsible for your own life, and your own behavior.  If it isn’t getting you the joy and success you want and deserve, it’s time to accept that your behavior isn’t positive and change it so that it is.

I did it, and so can you.

Have a great week. I’m Russ Whitney for Inner Voice and I’ll see you back here next week.

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