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actionsHello friends, Russ Whitney here with you on this beautiful Wednesday.  I hope you came prepared to open your ears and minds because today’s blog is a good one!

The chance that you’ve already heard the term ‘actions speak louder than words’ is a very good one, as it’s been around for a long, long time. But the problem with old adages is that, in today’s modern world, they are oftentimes avoided, forgotten or otherwise left on the side of the road to die.

The truth is, however, that actions do speak louder than words, whether they are good actions or bad, and your actions are frequently the very thing that people remember, are attracted to or, in some cases, repelled by.

The recent problems in the NFL are an excellent example. While the powers that be, including the NFL commissioner, say that they are all about respecting women and holding their players to a higher standard, the fact is that they keep allowing thugs and misogynists into their league, with horrible and often horrifying results.

When the video of Ray Rice was released last week, for example, and the country reacted with disgust and anger, the NFL fell all over themselves trying to protect their reputation rather than protect the women on the receiving end of player violence.

Their actions, for all the world to see, were much louder than anything they could or did say on the subject up to that point, and those actions were the actions of cowards trying to cover their collective behinds. They proved that they don’t care about people, they care about their reputation.

Of course on a more personal level things will, hopefully, never be as bad as they are right now in American professional (and college) football, but the fact remains that if you say one thing but do another, what you do is going to have more of a lasting effect almost every time.

That goes for positive things as well, by the way.  If you talk about helping the poor, and then go out and do just that, there will be a lot of people that remember your humanitarian ways. Telling your wife that you’re going to stop drinking and go to AA is one thing, but actually giving up the drink and going to meetings is much different, and much more notable.

And there you have it my friends.  Do what you say you’re going to do or, better yet, don’t say a thing and just do it, and you will find that people flock to you and help you to become successful every time.

From me, Russ Whitney, and the staff here at Inner Voice, have a wonderful day and a great week!

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