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melodramaHello friends and welcome back.  It’s Wednesday and I’m your host for today’s blog, Russ Whitney.

Friends, have you ever heard someone be called, a ‘drama queen’?  Maybe you yourself have been accused of ‘bringing the drama’ when it comes to your everyday life? Be honest now, this is important.

A drama queen is someone who, no matter the situation, over-reacts. While a regular person gets upset, they get over-the-top angry. When people are sad, they bawl like there’s no tomorrow.

The recent murder trial of Oscar Pistorius is a great example of a drama queen, as Pistorius, on trial for the killing of his girlfriend, was completely overwhelmed in the courtroom at times, with tears and even snot freely running down his stricken face. (What a mess!) Several times he had to be excused, a grown man who couldn’t control his emotions.

Of course some argue that he was in full control of his senses and was putting on an ‘act’ for the judge to sway her opinion, which is exactly what a melodramatic person does when they overreact.

In any case, I decided a few years back to get rid of the drama in my life and that has been one of the keys for my life being so wonderful, happy and tranquil today.

Drama, or melodrama, is a totally human invention.  You don’t see deer or ducks or porpoises do it, just humans. Knowing that, I decided to not only make sure that I was always in control of my own emotions but that, as far as the people I keep in my ‘inner circle’, there are no people who are melodramatic there as well.

The fact is, you may be a very calm, rational and sensible person, but if you are married to, dating or friends with someone who likes to have drama in their life, it can be a living heck!

It might not be possible to get that person out of your life completely, but in some cases it might be necessary for your own peace of mind, happiness and success.  There’s nothing worse than a friendly get-together, a party or even a business meeting being ruined by someone who has ‘issues’, and if that person is ruining too many of your days it might be time to move on and leave them, and their drama, behind.

If you’re the person being melodramatic, it might be time to look in the mirror and even get some professional help. My book, Inner Voice, may be able to help, as a person with purpose and passion in their life usually doesn’t have the need, or the time, for melodramatics.

In any case, I reduced the drama in my life by surrounding myself with people who see things the way I do, have spiritual strength and don’t rely on overreactions to get attention or get what they want. Today my life is much more peaceful and joy-filled for it too.

You can do the same, and believe me your life will be the better for it.  I’m Russ, and I’ll see you back here next week Wednesday.

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