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parentsandchildrenHi everyone, Russ Whitney here with you again. It’s Wednesday and I’m your host for today’s blog.

Friends, if you’ve read my book, Inner Voice, you know that I was abused when I was a boy, and so you can understand why today’s blog subject is important to me personally. It’s about the special relationship between a child and his or her parents.

The simple truth is that children don’t have a choice as to who they get for parents, and, in most cases, they don’t need to.  Rich or poor, humans have an innate ability to care for and protect their children; an ability that few other creatures on this planet share.

This ability allows us to have an amazing amount of influence on the person that a child grows up to be. The difference between a child that was held, talked to lovingly and truly nurtured and another child that was neglected or, even worse, abused, can be immense. One grows up to be a well-rounded member of society (in most cases) and the other grows up an emotional wreck that perpetuates the problems and pain they experienced (in some cases).

That’s a big difference, and all because of the excess, or lack, of some TLC, or tender, loving care.

Did you know that touching a baby, hugging a child or stroking the hair of your teenage son and praising them with loving words actually sets off life-enhancing chemicals in their brains, chemicals that help them to mature into caring, loving and better people?  Isn’t that amazing?

The act of hugging your child and talking to them lovingly is physically and mentally necessary for their health and well-being, now and later in life.

In simple terms, the more you hug and love on your kids, the better adults they will be someday in the future. It’s a small amount of effort, it has its own rewards (hey, hugging feels great!) and the reward it gives your children is priceless.

So go hug your kid and tell them you love them, and do it as often as you possibly can.  And if you don’t have a kid, go hug a stranger.  Trust me, you’ll make their day and yours.

This is Russ Whitney extending an electronic hug out to all of you.  See you all next week my friends.

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