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Russ Whitney’s Blog

After decades of teaching people how to build material wealth, a series of circumstances – some within, some beyond my control – taught me how to build spiritual wealth. I am now compelled to share that knowledge so that you can have the benefit without the pain.

I spent five years and 20,000 hours of study and research before I could write Inner Voice: Unlock Your Purpose and Passion. It was truly a labor of love, a song I had to sing, a message I had to share.

In the pages of the book, I share with you how I, Russ Whitney, a classic warrior, learned the truth about finding your purpose in life and that passion comes from purpose, not the other way around. More important, I show you how we can all live a life that is healthier, happier, and more rewarding than we ever dreamed possible by learning how to have a relationship with our Inner Voice.

Even though the book is finished, there is still so much more to say, so much more that we can explore and learn together. Let’s make this a conversation: Join me on these pages as together we strive to live the life our Creator intended for us.

The Inner Voice is a highly complex concept broken down into simple steps. It was easy to go through the Inner Voice materials, complete my checklists, and start to gain an understanding of myself that I’ve never had before. Russ Whitney has done it again!

~ Randy S.